Successful Meetings for Participants with Meeting Attention Deficit Disorder


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M-ADD... the struggle is real!

Boring meetings have become a plague and our hyper-connected world has led participants astray. New cases of Meeting Attention Deficit Disorder are seen on the daily with symptoms disastrous to meetings.

There are ways to combat this disorder and keep participants focused on your meeting despite constant distractions. Oh look... a butterfly!

You no longer have to be a victim of poorly engaged participants wandering off into the abyss. Join Evenium as we show you innovative ways to keep them engaged.

What you will learn:

1. Spot cases of M-ADD and discover techniques to captivate and hold participants’ attention.

2. Leverage technology to increase learning and retention rates.

3. Apply meeting design techniques to turn bored meeting attendees into engaged participants.

Ready to beat M-ADD?

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Ruben Trevino - Marketing Director Evenium

Ruben Trevino

Ruben is the Marketing Director & Event Planner for Evenium. Diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, he has learned to deal with his lack of engagement in meetings and is ready to share this valuable information with you.

He is fond of tech, checklists, feedback, progress, and the Oxford comma. When he's not trying to find ways to enrich the lives of Eventprofs, he can be found at home baking cookies and working on his bullet journal.